Your Most Valuable Possessions

Author: Scott W. Carver, Owner, Dragon Domes (March 5, 2015)

What is it that we look for in a new home?  We all want to get the most home for the money, but in reality what we’re looking for is a safe and secure place to hold our valuables.  All of our electronic toys, jewelry, art, and other collectables; but the biggest concern we have is for our most precious possession, our families. happy family Our home must be capable of keeping them safe.

Banks keep our valuables in steel reinforced concrete vaults.  The Military stores it’s weapons and ammunition in steel reinforced armories. When the S!#^ hits the fan, our government official are prepared to hole up in steel reinforced concrete bunkers. Doesn’t it make sense to protect our families with the same type of protection.  A Monolithic Concrete Dome Home from Dragon Domes can provide you with that type of protection.   Monolithic domes are capable of standing up to almost everything Man or Mother Nature can throw at it.  They are Tornado resistant up to F4 level storms, Hurricane resistant, Fire Resistant, Termite and Rodent proof, and resistant to bullets from most common handguns and rifles.  And, with the proper engineering, Monolith Domes can be built to prevent even the most determined criminal from entering your home.breaking-entering

Wouldn’t you feel better about going to work and leaving your family at home if you knew that they were safe and comfortable?  A Monolithic Home from Dragon Domes can provide that knowledge.  It is a well known adage that locks are there to keep honest people out.  And even if you invest in so-called high security doors and windows, it has been proven that criminals can enter your home through the WALLS of a conventionally built stick frame home, using nothing but battery powered hand tools they can buy legally at any hardware store.   That can’t happen in a Monolithic Dome Home. It is impossible to saw through 3 to 4 inches of steel reinforced concrete.  Add security shutters on the windows and steel doors with extra long deadbolts that set through the frame and into the concrete, and your home now becomes your fortress in times of civil unrest.

Add to this, the proven extreme weather resistance of the Monolithic design, and you have a home that provides a safe and secure haven for your family during the worst extremes that Mother Nature can throw at you. No longer fear the possibility of a heavy snowfall putting your roof at risk of collapse.  No longer fear that heavy rains will flood your home,  (I recommend that when you design your new home, you orientate your main entrance facing in a down-stream direction), as water will simply flow around your home, rather than against it.  Have no fear that a accidental grass or forest fire will reduce your home to nothing but ashes because Concrete will not burn. (I do not recommend staying in place during such an event, unless you have no other choice.)Home Fire 2

And then consider the energy efficiency of the Monolithic design.  Take a look at your current energy bill.  Now imagine what you could do if you could cut that bill by 40% or more.  What would you do with all that extra money?  Put it away for your kids education?  Take a well deserved and long over-due vacation?  Or invest it towards your retirement?  A properly designed Monolithic Dome Home could put that savings into your pocket. The design of airform, polyurethane insulation, and steel-reinforced concrete, when combined with passive solar, radiant floor heating, and an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) system could save you as much as 40% or more on your utilities.  An let’s face it, with the cost of energy these days, that’s not a small amount.Utility Bill

Another consideration that is applicable to this is insurance.  Because concrete won’t burn, doesn’t run the risk of collapse because of extreme weather, and is secure from thieves; you should be able to save considerably on your home-owners insurance.  It may take some shopping around, but the savings will be worth it.

So, let’s recap.  A Monolithic Concrete Dome Home provides safety and security from both Man and Mother Nature, and contributes to your economic security by saving you money on utilities and insurance. Why wouldn’t you make your new home a Monolithic Concrete Dome  Home?

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