Thoughts on Building (A Prepper’s Viewpoint) #1 Why?

This is the first of a series in which we are going to look at several aspects of building from a Preppers point of view and from the view of a dome builder.  So, the question before us today is “Why are you build?”  By asking this, it is my intention to make you really consider the reasons behind your plan to build a new home, vacation retreat, or bunker.  What change in your life has prompted you to build?

Is it a upcoming or recent addition to the family and you’re in need of more space?  If so, is this the last one?  How many more children are you planning for in the future?  Does the layout of your new construction take that into effect.  Will the current design still be feasible when your children are in their teens?  These are all questions that need to be addressed before construction begins.

Are you building to survive an “The End of The World as We Know it” or TEOTWAWKI event?  If so, what exactly are you planning for?  What type of event are you looking at, and what supplies do you feel you need to survive this event.  Have you make allocations in your plans for storage of your preps?  What additional preps will be needed beyond the new construction?  Will your new construction be your primary retreat should this event occur, or will it be your fall-back location?

One of the things to consider is that a TEOTWAWKI event doesn’t have to be a global event, or even a natural disaster.  TEOTWAWKI events can be local disasters like tornados or hurricanes, earthquakes, or fires.  Or, they can be personal events like the loss of a job, sickness or death in the family, or anything else that occurs that causes an upheaval of your current status.  Even the birth of a child could be considered a TEOTWAWKI event in the manner in which it changes your life forever.  All these events and many more can have profound effects on our lives, so we have to be prepared to deal with them.  After all, isn’t that what Prepping is all about?

Consider this, and in the next post, we’ll take a look at the question “Where”.


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