Thoughts on Building (A Prepper’s Viewpoint) #3: What are you building

If’ you’ve been following this blog, you’ve considered the Why and Where of your new construction.  Now, we’ll look at the What.  Now most people will say that that’s an easy question to answer, I’m building a house.  But have you really looked at all the things that your new house is going to be used for?  Remember, we’re looking at this from a Prepper’s Viewpoint.

Our first examination is going to be for a Primary Residence.

This is the home that you live in every day, that your children will grow up in.  Have you carefully considered all the issues. For example, take a look at your social life.  Do you entertain at home often?  Do you have holiday dinners at your home?  Is there enough room in your kitchen/dinning/living room area to accommodate a large gathering like that?

How about your children’s social life?  Is there an area for their activities that won’t interfere with your day to day life?   Remember, you have to plan for the future as well.  It may be fine to send young children to their rooms to play, but what about when they are teens?  Is there a ‘public’ area where they can gather to ‘study’ in mixed sex groups without taking over the living room?  I know that this isn’t something that most people consider, because they always have the fall back of “if we run out of room, we’ll just add on.” or “we’ll move to a larger house.”  But you are building a custom designed home that will, if you build a Monolithic Dome, survive to be handed down great-grandchildren’s grandchildren.  It’s not something you will want to leave, for any reason.

Now, look outside your social life, to your day to day life.  How close are you to a shopping center.  Do you have to drive a fair distance to do your shopping?  Did you design in a pantry off your kitchen to stock up on daily essentials so you’re not having to go ever two or three days?  Do you work from home? Do client’s come to your home office?  Is there a dedicated entrance to that part of your home?   All this and more must be considered in the design of your new home.  Have you really considered everything?


Our next examination is going to be for a Family Retreat.

This is a secondary home, usually on a lake or river, sometimes in the mountains.  This is the home where you take your family to escape the hustle and grind of every-day life for the peace and quiet of nature.  But there are considerations that must be taken into account here as well.  Is the structure big enough for your entire family, or will some have to double up?  What about if your kids want to bring their friends along, will there be room?  Is there enough storage for all the gear you don’t want to have to carry back and forth?  What about guests?  You know the saying, “If you build it, they will come.”  I say this in reference to friends and family that will want to use your retreat when you aren’t.  Believe me, they can be quite persistent at time.   Are your preps sufficiently secure to prevent other’s from accessing them?  What about security for when nobody is present at all?  Think about everything that could happen when you’re not there, and plan accordingly.


Our last examination is going to be for what I refer to as a TEOTWAWKI Bunker.

This is a home designed to be the place you will go to in a “The End Of The World As We Know It” situation.  Have you considered everything?  Is there an adequate water supply?  Do you have an adequate sewage disposal system?  Is there adequate storage of your preps without impeding your freedom of movement within the structure?  What about your Op-Sec plan?  How many people know about your bunker?  Is it adequately hidden from accidental discovery?  Is there sufficient room for your own family plus additions?  Remember, this is a structure that is going to be around a long time.  Believe me, when the balloon goes up; if you have teen children, they’re going to want to bring their girl/boyfriend, best friend, etc. If you have adult children, you have to account for spouses, grandchildren, etc.   In such a situation, sometimes it’s good to have extra hands around, but only if you’ve got the room.

One thing I should point out, both the Primary Residence and the Family Retreat can be designed to serve as TEOTWAWKI Bunkers.  In fact, I recommend that you do so.


The point of this post is to get you thinking about the future.  Sure, it’s easy to plan for the now, what you know.  But have you planned for the future, the unknown?  If you plan on building a Monolithic Dome, you’re building a structure that will conceivably be around for 300+ years.  I know it’s impossible to plan that far into the future, but have you planned for what your life will be like five, ten, or twenty-five years into the future?  Have you taken into consideration children, and/or grandchildren?  What about your extended family, have you considered them?


In my next post, we’ll look at the How of your new construction, and begin to examine the ways that a Monolithic Dome from Dragon Domes is the perfect structure.

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