Spray-in-Place Concrete Fences: How to Get Just the Look You Want

A new book: How To Build A Spray-in-Place Concrete Fence

Spray-in-place security — Fence with washed aggregate surface

Fences are an important part of our landscape. They delineate property borders and provide the privacy we so often desire.

Monolithic has a 25-page manual that details the start-to-finish steps for building an attractive, permanent and economical concrete fence. It comes with diagrams and photos of the construction process and includes a discussion of shotcrete and concrete design mix. Click here to order or Click here for a FREE Download.

Form Liners

The Monolithic Dome Institute recently experimented with new polypropylene form liners that give spray-in-place concrete fences the look of brick, limestone or natural rock. These forms provide attractive, individual touches to fences and homes as well as large commercial structures.

They also provide a business opportunity for people willing to learn the process and try something new.

Most form liners are available in 3-foot square sheets. Using the liners adds to the overall cost of a concrete fence for three reasons: cost of the liners; cost of the concrete stain; cost of increased amount of concrete. But form liners can be reused from five to ten times.

For short fences, purchase enough liners for the entire fence. For long fences, buy liners for only one-fourth of the project and reuse them as you build. In some areas, the liners may have to be cut to size — adding to the waste. “But,” David South said, “if you were trying for the same type of rock fence built using real rock, I can’t imagine getting it done for less than three times the cost of a concrete fence. That’s a huge savings.”

Can I Have A Spray-in-Place Fence Business?

Money can be made building spray-in-place fences. Most people equipped with a basic knowledge of construction, a concrete pump, an air compressor (which can be rented), hand tools, some plywood or particle board for forming, and optional form liners could start immediately without making a huge investment (see p. 30 of book for more details).

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