Monolithic Domes: Ugly….or an unique opportunity?

Author: Scott Carver, Owner of Dragon Domes (Feb 25, 2015)

Recently, I was speaking with a member of my family, trying to explain what it is that I am trying to build by starting a dome building business.  She has visited my website, and read all the benefits of Monolithic Domes; but she had one complaint.  She said that the domes where “unattractive”.  That started me thinking.

Double dome

Like any other structure, it’s all in how you finish them.  Any new structure is ugly, until you finish it.  Whether it’s through how you landscape, or the coating that you apply to the outside of the dome; a Monolithic Dome provides you a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd.  Monolithic Domes can be finished by conventional means; such as paint, siding, or brick.

large_pregowski1 brick clad dome 1

But if you go to the expense of building a structure as unique as a Monolithic Dome, why would you finish it in a conventional style.  Instead, let your imagination run wild and see the possibilities.  Use native stone, either lay it flat or set it on edge.  Here are a couple of pictures of people who have done just that.

large_schwarz1 large_tassell_dome_stoned

Other possibilities would be to paint the dome, then build a lattice over the structure, and let Ivy grow over the dome, encasing it in a living, emerald shield.  Or plant vine flower or fruits, and use the outside of your dome as a garden.  Or, berm the earth over it (the Monolithic Dome can withstand being buried more then 20′ deep.) and plant grass.  This would increase the area in your yard for personal use, and give you the added benefit of additional insulation.

The point is, the possibilities are endless.  The Monolithic Dome is a blank canvas that give you the unique opportunity to be ….you.

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