Featured Domes

Listed below a some of the Monolithic Domes that have been built around the country.  I am providing this to give you an idea of the versatility and unique qualities that a Monolithic Dome Home can provide.  Because, isn’t that what having our own home is really all about?  Having a place to express our own unique tastes.  What good is it if your house looks just like your neighbors.  Monolithic Domes provide that unique flair, while still providing everything that a home is suppose to provide; Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind.


Our first listing is one where the owners really went all out, and as a result, this guest-house in Trout Creek, Montana has attracted national attention.  Welcome to the Hobbit House.


Next is another Montana home located near Polson, Montana and overlooks Flathead Lake.


Here, we have a dome built in Alaska.


Next up is a dome in Brigham City, located in Box Elder County, Utah.


We have pictures of a 1000-square-foot Monolithic Dome home that sits on a 40-acre, wooded site in Missouri.


Here’s one for all you people with green thumbs, the Agrithermosphere. (don’t ask, I can’t pronounce it either.)


And finally, we have the Claddagh Dome, in Azle, Texas, a small town 14 miles northwest of Fort Worth.


All these homes, and many more can be found at Monolithic.org, on their Featured Homes pages.

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