Monolithic Domes: A Tornado Solution That Is A Secret!

The recent spate of tornadoes dramatically illustrate just how badly we need to change our ways of building structures. We see articles written by high-powered individuals claiming that it’s simply not possible to construct a tornado-safe building. But that doesn’t make any sense because Monolithic is doing it everyday.

Here’s what those individuals are really saying, “We have not investigated what we can do to build a tornado-safe structure.” Many people have the idea that tornado-safe buildings are more expensive. We have proven that they are not more expensive and many times are less expensive.

Right now we have a huge need for residential, commercial, public and government buildings that are tornado-, hurricane-, earthquake- and fire-safe. Monolithic Domes are all that and more. They’re super energy-efficient; school administrators are reporting a 50% to 70% reduction in power bills. And the domes are as green as grass!

The secret

Monolithic has been teaching, training, promoting and building these domes for 35 years. Some 4000 Monolithic Domes are in use, working and well proven in 52 countries and 49 American states. But they are still a secret!Irie

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