Custom Dome Design and Construction


Serious Survivalists


Are you one of the growing number of survivalists, also known as Preppers? Are you looking for a new home to protect your family, but are unwilling to sacrifice comfort and space for security? If so, you face a problem that many other survivalists face. But what if I told you that there was a type of construction that not only gives you all the space and comfort you could ask for, while at the same time giving you all the security you desire.


Welcome to Dragon Domes


Here at Dragon Domes, we build custom Monolithic Domes specifically designed for people who take the safety of their families seriously. Where standard Monolithic Domes are weather proof, fire proof, insect and rodent proof, nearly sound proof, and bullet proof to most common hand guns and long rifles, and can be built anywhere. Above ground, below ground, even underwater.

Dragon Domes takes this security to the next level. In a Dragon Dome designed home, you get all of the afore mentioned security, and more; for just 15% to 25% more than a standard stick-frame construction of comparable size. And after construction, the energy efficient design saves you money in utility costs, allowing you to recoup that added expense. A roomy and comfortable, energy efficient home with all the security you could hope for. What more could you ask.

Why spend all the extra money and time preparing a bug-out location when you can turn your primary home into a fortress, while still enjoying all the comforts you’ve grown accustomed to. Wouldn’t it be easier and less stressful if you could stay where you are, surrounded by ALL your belongings instead of just the things you stockpile in your bug-out location? No more having to worry about your family making it to your bug-out location in the event that you are separated when the SHTF. And no more worrying about someone finding your bug-out location and raiding it, leaving you with nothing. In a Dragon Domes designed Monolithic Dome, all these stresses are a thing of the past.

We design and build according to your needs. The ideal is to create a home that will meet all your security needs, without forcing you to compromise your comfort.